Payroll provider

The payroll service department of our accounting firm will assist you in the daily management of your employees in France :

  • Formalities of declarations of employment with the French Social Security
  • Registrations to pension fund, health insurance & providence funds
  • Completion of pay slips and monthly related social declarations
  • Formalities in case of absence: sickness, leave, etc…
  • Establishment of mandatory documents when employees leave the company
  •  …
paie déclarations sociales


We remind you that we work in collaboration with law firms that will be responsible for :
  • Drafting of employment contracts,
  • Drafting of your collective corporate agreements,
  • Support to the Tribunal in the event of a dispute with your employees
  •  …
paie déclarations sociales


Labor law
in france ?

You will have many questions about Labour Law in our territory, questions that we will answer by email directly or in the form of a memo.

For all questions concerning cross-border issues (temporary secondment, provision of cross-border services, etc.), the intervention of the legal and social services of your parent company will be a preliminary step.

For questions under French local law only, we will give you general instructions followed by the answer to your particular case. The questions you usually ask yourself :

The questions you usually ask yourself :
Frequently asked questions and answers !


The concept of 35 hours in France does not refer to the maximum working week, but to the threshold at which the employee will be paid with overtime.

The maximum working time is 10 hours a day, 48 hours a week, with a minimum of 24 hours of rest per week.

An employee under annual quota of days has a high degree of autonomy in organizing his work and hours. He usually works 218 days maximum per year. His daily rest time is 11 hours, and the weekly rest is 35 hours.

The minimum hourly wage is 10.15 euros (in 2020).

The level of employer social contribution varies between :

  • 15% of contract gross remuneration (for wages close to the statutory minimum hourly rate of 10.15)
  • Up to 45% for high incomes

Every employee is entitled to 5 weeks of paid annual leave. It is up to the employer to decide when to take leave.

Also in France there are between 8 and 12 public holidays depending on the year.

The employee is also entitled to paid days of absence for ‘family event’ (birth, death, wedding) which vary between 1 and 5 days. And concerning the birth :

  • Maternity : Minimum 16 weeks (6 before and 10 after birth)

    The employee is paid during her maternity leave (net of State allowances)

  • Paternity : Father is entitled to 11 consecutive days (unpaid)

Each employment contract provides for a trial period of 2 to 4 months (renewable) during which you can separate from your employee if the person is not suitable for the job.

Then there are many possibilities to end a contract of employment (resignation, dismissal for various reasons, etc.) but the most current solution and solicited by the employees themselves, is the Amicable Termination (Rupture Conventionnelle).

The Amicable Termination is at the initiative of the employee, the time of the procedure is about 1 and a half months, the employee will be entitled to a severance pay (depending on his seniority) and unemployment benefits paid by the State.


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