Legal forms in France

Our accounting firm works in perfect collaboration and efficiency with a network of international lawyers, in corporate and labour law, to provide you with a professional and quality service.


Why use
a law firm ?

The partner lawyers will draft your articles of associations (bylaws) and creation formalities, manage your deadlines for general meetings of partners, write employment contracts and collective agreements for your employees. The interaction between a lawyer and an accountant is essential today in our environment of continuous legal, regulatory and jurisprudential evolution. The public, chartered accountant will not plead in court in case of litigation and the lawyer will not manage the daily life of your structure.
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Which legal forms choose
in France ?

Our accounting firm APRZ has a global view of your needs and pragmatic experience of the legal structure that will suit you. We are driven by common sense: “Adapt your legal structure to your strategic needs”. This is why we advise customers either to a Permanent Establishment (if branch) or Legal Entity under French law (subsidiary) with the intervention of a lawyer, or to a SDE without establishment (Company of Foreign Law) that we manage directly with the French Administration. The drafting of your TP Policy (documentation of transfer prices), management fees contract, costplus, financing and inter-company loans, are still a moment of exchange of tripartite experience, between you the client to whom the final choice belongs, the lawyer who drafts these contracts, the public, chartered accountant who manage them on a day-to-day basis.

What insurance
do I take out ?

We will ask you to cover your activity with insurance :

  • Mandatory
    • Social
      • Health insurance
      • Providence
    • Professional
      • Civil Liability
      • Insurance of premises
      • Goods carried
      • Vehicles
  • Optional (not mandatory but recommended only)
    • Social
      • Unemployment of managers
      • Supplementary retirement
    • Professional
      • Responsibility of the Corporate Representative

First of all, we recommend that you extend your guarantees for of parent company to France as well. When your Group insurance does not accept, we put you in contact with partner brokers who search for coverage for France from all insurance companies according to your needs.

conclusion ?

Our experience allows us to make you avoid pitfalls presented in the economic literature as standards by those who do not practice them. For example, depending on your activity, we will discourage you from creating a liaison office because tax tolerances would lead you to grey areas (at risk), also sometimes branches are not the best tools and we will present the less known mechanism of foreign employer without the need for any tax management.

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