Financial Reporting service
in France

What are the mandatory reports in France ?

Filing financial statements in France is required at least once per year for the purpose of establishing the bases for calculating taxes. The annual accounts of the companies are filed to the Registry of Commercial Court and a dedicated tax package (yearly annual tax reporting = CIT return) is sent to the Corporate Tax Department. They are composed of the balance sheet, income statement in the French PCG standard and various mandatory annexes. This is why we deeply recommend to think of outsourced bookkeeping in France. 

For the reporting needs of your parent company, we can offer you our on-demand reporting service, to be completed on your spreadsheets or web portal, scalable according to the needs of your Group. If necessary, a forecast cash flow report can be proposed to you on request. In both cases, our rates applied will be hourly rates to the time spent.

Alternatively, we offer a monthly flat rate for our standard APRZ reporting, in English, including the trial balance, balance sheet and income statement in accordance with IFRS.

finance reporting

Can one obtain loans, financing, subsidies, by being
a foreign company ?

For your company, you have to distinguish between private and public funding.

In the private banking sector, it will be all about the guarantees you can provide or the borrower insurance you can take out. The notion of branch/subsidiary will be a secondary factor. In private equity, it’s all about risk / ROI Return On Investment.

In the public sector, the French State will grant its subsidies/reductions/tax credits/reduced corporate tax rates, only to structures under French law (subsidiaries).

For your employees, however, regardless of the legal form, you will have the same rights and benefits (and obligations) as a company owned by French shareholders

Why and how to make a Business Plan
in France?

In France the Business Plans are not reserved only for the pitch of the Start-up. A less well-known issue among foreign groups is that it is mandatory to produce a BP (sometimes to be translated into French), in order to open a bank account. The content remains standard: your presentation and history, the project in France, the team in charge, the needs of the French structure and demand to the bank, budget financial statements (PL, Balance sheet).


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